VESNA, the “refrigeration transport” division of the holding group ESC (specializing in onboard air conditioning since 1967), has developed a range of trailers for last-mile delivery. The V-bike was designed to meet the challenges of delivery in pedestrian areas as well as the growing environmental requirements.

Thanks to the V-bike, it is now possible to deliver dry, fresh and frozen products at the same time.

Why choose the V-Bike refrigerated bicycle trailer?

  • Facilitate the traffic in urban areas
  • No emitting pollution
  • Economical means of transport
  • French design and French made
  • Format suitable for cycle paths
  • Space-saving
  • Easy to park
  • Possible to be drawn by hand

You can arrange the trailer, according to your use: from the 450L refrigerated container, 45L to 100L compressor portable fridges of Vesna Steel ranges, till bins for dry merchandises. Everything is modulable.

The V-Bike trailer is designed for city use with comfort and safety.

Easy coupling system for all types of bikes (electric or not)

Storage compartment (for battery or others)

Modularity made by adjustable brackets

Stability provided by the jockey wheel

Auto brake system (security reinforced)

Sealing guaranteed by a zipper

V-Bike: Fridge

Trailer base dimensions 90x110 cm, equipped a refrigerated container adjustable from +5°C down to -18°C.

It also includes a protective cover and a battery 12V 20 A.h.

V-Bike: Home delivery

Trailer base dimensions 90x110 cm, equipped with a Vesna Steel cooler of your choice adjustable from +5°C down to -18°C and a locked storage compartment made in aluminium.

It also includes a protective cover and a battery 12V 20 A.h.

Other modes are available on request.

Technical details:

  • Net weight: 45 kg
  • Payload: 120 kg
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 115 x 855 x 903 cm
  • Loading volume: 0.9 m3
  • Diameter of the rear wheels: 20 inches
  • Customizable protection cover
  • Inertia braking